Major gaps currently exist in the availability of health care workforce data. The Institute of Medicine's recommendation No. 8 insists on building infrastructure for collecting and analyzing data regarding the numbers and types of professions that exist statewide. This information is crucial for implementing fundamental, wide-ranging changes in the preparation and deployment of the nursing workforce and is vital across all health care professions to achieve a fundamental transformation of the system and determine future needs.

Keys to improving workforce data:

  • Core data sets on health care supply and demand
  • Surveillance of health care workforce market conditions
  • Health care workforce effectiveness research

Nurses on Board 2017 Data

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NEW! Published March 2017: Health Workforce Research Centers Key Findings 2013-2016 from the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute

2014 Pulse of PA LPN Workforce Report 

2012/2013 Pulse of PA RN Workforce Report

2010/2011 Pulse of PA RN Workforce Report

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