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Nurses are on the front lines of healthcare innovation. They are the ones who most directly provide the care our communities need. And we know that nurses do not work alone, they collaborate creatively and lead teams to advance change every single day. Now we have an opportunity to harness the power of nursing innovations, and bring teams together to tackle some of the most pressing healthcare challenges of our time. Submit a YouTube video (60 to 90 seconds) describing an innovative solution to a healthcare problem. This year’s theme centers on revolutionizing healthcare for the elderly.

Finalists will join the PA-AC's inaugural Nursing Innovation Corps, whereby interprofessional innovators led by Registered Nurses (RNs) can come together to develop and implement their ideas for improving patient healthcare in America. This networking and mentorship program will enable peer learning across healthcare settings; opportunities for testing, implementation, or scaling of the proposed practice innovation; and opportunities for further dissemination. 

 Benefits include: 

  • $500 award

  • Guidance from relevant stakeholders

  • Access to funders

  • Cross-sector networking and learning opportunities

  • Recognition on social media and relevant media outlets


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1. Will I be judged based on the quality of my video?

No! We are looking for creativity and ingenuity; this is not a video contest, it is an idea contest. We will be judging based on the following criteria:

  • 20 percent identification of an important quality/safety issue impacting healthcare for the elderly;
  • 30 percent originality and vision of proposed solution;
  • 20 percent potential for successful implementation or scaling; and
  • 30 percent alignment with IOM Recommendation #2 (see Question #7 for more information on the Future of Nursing Report)

2. How is "elderly" being defined?

The U.S. Census Bureau defines “elderly” as 65+; however, with our lengthening life-spans and expanding capabilities later in age, we often associate “elderly” more with the age range of 80+. Some social benefits programs consider 62+ as elderly. For the purpose of this contest, how you define this age bracket is up to your discretion, and you can target your idea to a population that you feel is in need of a specific innovation.

3. What do you mean by a pressing healthcare issue?

Some examples of issues include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Built environment (e.g. home safety, accessible facilities)
  • Health literacy (e.g. skill gaps, telemedicine, comprehension of medical jargon)
  • Mobility
  • Care coordination
  • Transition of care
  • Transportation and access
  • Nutrition
  • Cultural competency (e.g. racial, ethnic, generational, language barriers)

4. Who needs to be on my team?

Your team needs to consist of one registered nurse (RN) in PA as well as another individual who is not an RN. The RN requirement includes Advanced Practice Nurses. This requirement is to encourage collaborative improvement efforts recommended by the Future of Nursing report. Learn more about interprofessional collaboration here.

5. Can nursing students submit an idea?

Pre-license students can submit an idea if they are part of a team with a RN.

6. How will originality and vision be defined?

We are looking for a creative solution that addresses a pressing healthcare issue for the elderly community. We will consider the saturation of the current market (i.e., is this innovation already in practice?) as well as the extent to which the idea is inventive or imaginative.

7. What is the Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report, and how is it being implemented?

  • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) published the Future of Nursing report (2011) to share recommendations for how nursing can drive changes in health and health care.

  • In 2015, the National Academies of Medicine (formerly the IOM) conducted an evaluation, Assessing Progress on the IOM Report, and provided additional recommendations-- including a call for more opportunities to develop cross-disciplinary teams and expand nursing leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

  • The Campaign for Action is a partnership of AARP, the AARP Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to advance health care quality and safety with nurses as the catalyst for change. Through the Campaign, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have a state Action Coalition. At the national and state levels, the Campaign helps implement the recommendations of the Future of Nursing report.

  • The Pennsylvania Action Coalition is working toward a healthy Pennsylvania through high quality, safe and accessible nursing. Help us realize that vision!


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